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We know that making a movie is far from cheap!  And it takes a lot of talent and skill.  We know that we must work hard all the way through to completion or our time was wasted from the start!

We are welcoming backers and supporters and collaborators right now in the making of Peter Peacekeeper, The Movie!


Getting our stars in front of the camera also means inviting you on board if that is what you want!  We have speaking roles and crowd scenes too, if you are a little shy!  

Let's see you on the silver screen!


Everyone loves free stuff!  We want to give the same swag to you our supporters as if you were toiling away with us working on a hot set for 12 hours plus a day! 


WRAP PARTY  and PRESENTATIONS: be a part of the experience of making a feature film!


Get your product placement in our movie now!  And we will keep you in our family and be a part of our journey through filmmaking to toy creation and beyond!


Submit Your Ideas to:

Peter Peacekeeper The Movie is ready for funding   Let's Talk.​

"We loved reading the book together as a family and can't wait to see the movie."

Ava Grace - Fan of Operation Monkeymail

"We want to support local film makers and we are giving to help see this movie is made.  Looking forward to staying involved and reading the latest news on"

Roger Olson - Owner of Roger's Management Services, Inc

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